Much of the week went to completing the outside of the dormer that contains the second floor bathroom. The pre-dipped shingles and new roofing look great. And everyone comments how well the dormer fits. In fact, the consensus is the architectural effect is better than what was there. The guys did a nice job tidying up afterwards, as well, for guests coming on Labor Day.


The inside was insulated with spray-on, high-density foam, the same that we used elsewhere in the house. It’s also fully wired and we are ready for a final inspection after which the wallboard can go up. And that clears the way for the fixtures. I’m not ready to predict running water on the second floor for next weekend, but it’s getting close.


The punch list for the kitchen is dwindling. It was great to get drawer pulls and latches for the cabinets this week.


Perhaps the most exciting development was to settle on the colors for the dining room. We, OK Beth and Karen our ace painter, found a scheme that works beautifully and accomplishes the mission of complementing the frame of our enormous Skiff photo. We were also excited to get my grandmother’s chandelier installed. It had hung for decades in the family home just a half mile down Main Street.


The soon to be new Cocktail Room and been full of construction equipment and materials, but we’ve cleared it out temporarily for guests. More to come for this room soon.


Last, we found this in a cupboard and agree.



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