Progress always seems to slow as you get to the final details of a project. But those details can make or break a look. We are nearing a checkmark in the kitchen box.

We have had a temp sink until the counters went in. The plumbers were here over the weekend getting the new one going.


It is a Franke and the fixtures are Dornbracht. The sink is very deep which is cool. And the Dornbracht rinser, our third, is very nice for cleaning up.


We like the Corian countertops. It’s hard to see in the pics, but they have a nice swirl pattern and you can’t even see the one seam we have.

The open shelving went in this week, on either side of the sink/dishwashwer. We are using the shelves for everyday plates and glassware. We’d been thinking white, but settled on the deep gray of the cabinets. Looks very cool.


The hood over the stove is now in place (and powerful enough so we almost don’t need a vacuum cleaner in the house).


Note also the crown molding topping off the cabinets. We’d been thinking of something squarer, but we not around to make the call and are pleased with the flared French look the the contractor went with.


The fridge was boxed in as well.


I will do some more extensive before/afters at some point, I’m sure, but here are a couple of reminders about the kitchen, a before and a during.



That was the bulk of the work for the week. Some of the new shingling went up. There was little the progress on the upstairs bath, although the electrician did get in there and we passed the necessary inspections. Next step up there is sprayed in dense foam insulation and then wallboard and plumbing in the fixtures.


Lastly, there was some painting here and there, and we settled in on wall color for the dining room, a kind of crazy metallic that changes with the light. Still deciding on what will for the trim.



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