Last week we left our heroes awaiting a plumbing inspection. That came off flawlessly with a green light, kicking off a fairly productive week, mostly focused on the upstairs bath which you may recall required pushing out a wall and recreating new space. (The old will be used for storage and will house the air handler.) Lots of pics this week,  because I was around to take them.

It was pretty steamy early in the week, so cutting a window hole provided some welcome relief.


And, mood lighting.


The window was soon to follow.


And then trim.IMG_1849.jpg

Including trim for the kitchen windows and barn board to lighten things up a little on the porch.


And, the inside of the bath is coming together as well. The ol’ tub will serve. And the new, old looking sink complements, no? Ignore the cheesy little faucet on the tub; that’s going away. We are really looking forward to running water on the second floor. This week presumably.


In blowing out the wall, we came across some interesting historical construction details. Old mortise and tenon construction and a vertical member with bark on it. This is significant because evidently, they tended to strip bark off, post 1800 and left it on prior to. The wall we in which we found the bark was actually an addition, so that likely places the original construction well prior to 1800.

On other fronts, we have cool new lights in the kitchen and hung our first piece of art under one of them.



So, color. The entry porch to the kitchen is now the same gold as the stairway at the other end of the kitchen. The color frames the white kitchen nicely.


We thought the dining room was done, but the gray didn’t work with the darker gray cabinets in the kitchen. Now we are trying to match the frame of our photo of the Biggest Skiff Race Ever. Pick one.


Lastly, in the room formerly known as the Cocktail Room–we are rethinking where we’ll be drinking–we’ve been trying to match the wall to my Vineyard Vines Nantucket Red shorts. Success!




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