Most of our contractors are on vacation, so not a ton of work was completed this week. However a few small things have made a huge difference. With the hookup of the stove, dishwasher and sink (albeit a temporary one) the kitchen is fully functional.


It makes a huge difference to be able to prepare food and clean up afterwards without, for example, having to do dishes in the outdoor shower.


After painting the bricks white, we (ok, she) decided to go with a black hearth and inside of the fireplace. It looks great with the rest of the dark/white color scheme. In this picture you can see, as well, illumination from one of the new lights that just went in. I hadn’t realized that we had temporary ones. These are modern LED lights in the cans in the ceiling. They are very efficient, the color is great, and they dim. Really nice lighting.


Still to come in the kitchen are countertops, a large, deep under-mount steel sink, molding above the IMG_1571 (1).jpgcabinets, building in the refrigerator, shelves on either side of the windows, a vent hood and…that might be it. Still a lot when you list it all out, but we are well in business today. We most look forward to the shelves as that is where we intend to keep everyday dishes and glasses. So, for now were still not final on what goes where.

Everyone asks about the counters. We’ve been all over the place from cement to marble to granite, but came down on Corian, a synthetic from E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company. We wanted white and stain resistant and Corian is about the best choice to meet those requirements. The look we picked will be quite white with a large subtle swirl pattern. Psychedelic!

The current thought is to paint all the upstairs bedrooms white. Two are doing including the one Charlotte has staked out–it had been a yellow color with dated wallpaper We have a set of furniture that should go in this week. The bed in there now will shift to another room.


We’ve been chipping away at the pile, but the room Bookie appropriated is still pretty stuffed with boxes of various possessions. Our painter was able to work around the stuff, stripping the old wallpaper and prepping for paint. I expect it will be painted this week and because movers will be here, we may be able to shift things around and move Bookie in.


We are hoping to build a space for the pineapple claw-foot tub in the next couple weeks. It took approval from the historic commission. but we now have permission to build out a little dormer to accommodate an extended upstairs bathroom.

They love us at the historical commission by the way. They tell us that there was a non-stop parade of folks trying to get permission to tear down Laughing Gull Hill prior to our buying the place.


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