…yes, the proverbial kitchen sink. Nonetheless, the kitchen has come along this week.

The cabinets are all installed (save for one that came though wrong and needs to be swapped for one that will house a large convection oven/microwave). They are topped with temporary plywood counters. The missus narrowing in on a plain white, quartz countertop to be decided this week.


We seem to have an infinite amount of kitchen stuff, but it’s pretty well accommodated. Rather than sailing, I spent the afternoon carting box after box down from the bedroom of the guest house as I developed a plan for what goes where. I was able to to work out a pretty good scheme with “a place for everything” and to put most everything in it.

We have a lot of drawers which seems to be the modern approach. I’m amazed at the weight these large drawers are able to bear. The runners of one, to the left of the stove, need refastening and shimming–the drawer just wasn’t sliding quite right. So, we have a counter section full of pots and pans for the moment. Overall though, very satisfied, and they look great.


From here, we’ll get shelves on either side of the corner windows for everyday dishes, cups and glasses. Additionally, the fridge will get framed in and an exhaust hood installed over the stove. That’s about it for the construction. Fingers crossed that by next weekend will have an operating sink, stove and dishwasher. We can manage with plywood countertops for a bit.

Everyone I talk to who has any design sense agrees that “obviously” the wall separating the dining room needed an accent color. White worked for me, but sage nods agree on how perfectly the new gold color works. Oh, and we are loving the white bricks. We left some red showing through for a great distressed look.


On other fronts, the mudroom progresses with the floor done and the ceiling nearly so. The boards are of an extremely light material that can go either way with bead board on one side and shiplap on the other. We went with shiplap in the kitchen and that was the intent in the mudroom. They guys spaced it, though, and used the bead board. Realizing half way through, they gave Beth the choice, and we are sticking with the bead board. It looks fine.

IMG_1452.jpg  IMG_1456.jpg

The new mirror and sconces in the bathroom look great. (The extension cord goes to the beer fridge. We are still in dire need of electrical work throughout the house, but the electrician has gone AWOL. We see him Monday or move on.)


The last addition for the week was the fence along the west side of the patio. We’d been pretty exposed to the neighbors on the corner. The fence and plantings provide a feeling of privacy but as well of openness out towards the lawn and water.


A big next step will be an upstairs bath, so that guests need no longer navigate steep stairs in the middle of the night. And we are hoping to get another couple rooms painted. I’m looking forward to the wet bar in the cocktail room too, but we are managing to drink without, so that is lower down the list.


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