Living in a construction zone is not without challenges. We look forward to a day when tools and dumpster and lumber and paint cans are all cleared out. But we are not complaining and continue to be thrilled having been able to move in and live in this delightful setting.


Moderate progress this week. My guess is that the guys had put off other clients getting us in for the Fourth and had to make it up some this week. Also, it was only a four day week. The big step forward was trim and ceiling in the kitchen giving it a much more finished look. The ceiling is shiplap, so more interesting than flat plaster.



They also put down sub flooring in the mudroom. That will be finished soon with large slate tiles.


The painter continues to prep upstairs. In some rooms, it’s been tough to remove layers of painted-over wallpaper. (Never do that!) Here’s what her excavation revealed in one of the bedrooms. John and Nancy Grant were the previous owners; they bought the house in 1973.


Based on experience, I’m hesitant to make predictions, but fingers crossed for the kitchen this week. It’s to be painted in the next couple days, and the cabinets arrive at the end of the driveway on Wednesday. God willing and the creek don’t rise, the installation will happen before next weekend. That will mean no more (or less anyway) sawdust in coffee.


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