It required a big push, and Beth pitched a fit last week which successfully ensured we could get into the house. As of 5pm Friday, the switch was flipped on the outdoor shower and we were good to go. And a good thing as we have both chicks back in the nest as well as Aunt Pat visiting this weekend.

We are occupying more or less half the house at this point. Working out way around shortcomings, but pretty functional.

The best first. Still needs finishing, but we are already loving our mast/gaff rigged stair.


And, of course, the shower was critical.

openshower.jpg  IMG_1211.jpg

Kitchen cabinets are due next week; for now we have an functioning fridge, a makeshift sink, and a sort of camp kitchen.

IMG_1192.jpg   IMG_1189.jpg


We also have an indoor dining spot.


The cocktail room, still woefully lacking a wet bar, is temporarily sufficient for hanging out  when we are not on the patio.


A few bedrooms are in action.




The most nearly finished room is the bathroom on the first floor off the living room.


And finally, lest one get the impression that the wiring is done, here’s our current electrical power distribution system.





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