juice.jpgThis was a big week at Laughing Gull Hill. Much progress. Truly feels as if we have turned a corner.

On schedule (sorta) the switch was flipped for the electric service on Tuesday. Power to the people! So now everyone can get work done. It’s great to have all the outside electric stuff moved behind the fence and out of sight of the patio.

Most of the recent progress has been on the floors. And, this was in the face of their underestimating the prep. The old finishes proved more difficult to remove than anticipated. They were of materials that evidently badly gums the sandpaper on the machines, even the #20 grit they were using to grind off the worst of it.

The last floors they’ve been working on are in the kitchen. This is pretty central, and so, the wet, odiferous floors have kept us from occupying, but it’s coming along very nicely. As observed before, the kitchen must have been two rooms once; we are hoping they can stain the lighter boards to match—they have done that successfully in other rooms.Kitchen prep.jpg

kitchen wet.jpgA highlight of the weekend was setting up and using the patio. We spent both afternoons hanging out, and we christened it last night with burritos and red wine. The location affords what seems to be an almost constant sea breeze. If you crane your neck just right you can spot Swamp Fox on her mooring. It’s more pleasant on the patio that we had imagined.patio.jpg


I’ve said this before, but we expect to be moved in before next weekend. Better be as we have houseguests for the weekend. The appliances have all arrived and are staged in the dining room.


Expectations are that we can get appliances set up in the kitchen with a makeshift sink and table we can use in lieu of counters. That plus a couple more bedrooms, another working bathroom, and an outdoor shower should make us good to go.

Here’s are a couple of upstairs shots that give a sense for the floors up there. We are hoping to install girls in the white bedroom next weekend.




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