It’s been a slow two weeks, punctuated by Eversource’s dropping the ball getting us on the grid. To some extent the lack of electricity explains slowness on other fronts, but we could be further along. The other big disappointment was a Saturday morning notification that the kitchen cabinets are delayed and will not be here before the Fourth. Arrgghh!

Water under the bridge. The plan now is to move in next weekend. We are on the Eversource schedule for Tuesday morning. Juiced up, the floor guys will be in later in the week. At that point we should have several rooms ready for occupancy.

Progress in the last couple weeks…first, the lawn has continued to grow, mostly thanks to unseasonably cool weather. It’s still a bit sparse, but it will be a credible lawn this summer.


The painter has continued to prep. Evidently multiple layers of alternating paint and paper in rooms on the second floor were a bitch to remove. But one bedroom is prepped with windows and trim primed and should be painted this week. We’ll be up to three or four painted rooms by the weekend.


The kitchen is insulated with dense foam and sheetrocked. Plaster to follow this week. One panel is open for a plumbing inspection. The floor is to be done as well. The bath off the kitchen is sheetrocked too, and should be in business for the Fourth.

IMG_1021.jpgIMG_1011.jpgThe electrical panels are in place and ready for juice, the main one conveniently tucked away in the basement.

And, lastly they moved the the outdoor meter around the other side of the fence from the patio onto the wall of the guest house, so well out of sight from the
main outdoor living area.

We are excited for the switch to be thrown, to occupy ,and to wake up home and have coffee on the patio. Fingers crossed for a the building gods to smile on us this week.



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