Still thinking we made the right decision, but the lack of electrical service is proving to be more impactful and to take longer than we anticipated. It’s hard for anyone to get anything done without power. I met the painter at the house today. She was touching some stuff up, but with the overcast weather and lack of electric lights, she was not going to try to tackle another room.

Projects slow down often due to interdependencies. Trench needs digging, so Dig Safe needs plant their flags. Once the trench is in, the electricians must run conduit which requires inspection before the hole gets filled. And little happens on the house without power. So, a bit of a holding pattern.

On the other hand, we are starting to see the makings of a lawn—the weather is cooperating with that. There are parts that will continue to be torn up by truck traffic, so we’ll probably need some hydro-seeding in a few weeks, but the main lawn is starting to bounce back. From above, you can see how sparse it is, but a side view gives a preview of how a lawn will look. And, the answer is…very nice!


And, we begin to get glimpses of how cool that end product will be. In addition to the bedroom, the dining room is nearing completion, albeit still outfitted with ladder and table saw. The solid gray looks quite elegant. We’ve chosen to go with solid, strong colors though, rather than say, contrasting wainscoting and walls, because that is in keeping with colonial-era practice.


And, finally, our new tenants. The guest house and connecting utility room are Swiss cheese right now and the chipmunks are in and out. Thankfully we have a contract with the exterminator if it becomes an issue.

In theory, Dig Safe marks tomorrow and the ditch is scheduled on their heels. We’ll need to rally everyone around a new schedule as things begin to fall into place. Still feeling good about occupying in two weeks, but conscious of the fact that we were saying same two weeks ago.


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