…can’t wring their necks.

It’s been slow progress this week, some of the problem being a lack of bodies on the job. A lot of these guys on the Cape look after houses for people in the off-season and have to do a spring spruce up before the owners show on Memorial Day weekend. So we are suffering some of that. The other problem is “say yes to everyone” syndrome which puts many of the subs in a mode of constantly juggling a bunch of projects and having to show up for each frequently enough to keep the screams at bay. Evidently our screams were sufficient to justify seven guys on site Friday.

The short-term goal is a finished bedroom adjacent to the already finished bath, water and electricity, and maybe even a washer/dryer, before we occupy in a couple weeks. We’d been hoping for a semblance of a kitchen, but are skeptical. Perhaps a miracle will happy, ave Maria, gratia plena…

There’s some paint in the bedroom although incomplete as we had to redo some wainscoting where we removed a door. It’s actually looking pretty far along. Hoping the floor will be sanded today.


Also, the four new windows in the corner of the kitchen look terrific. They replace two unmatched windows. We enjoy imagining a cool sink and stove below.


We get a glimpse of what finished might look like with the new double doors from the kitchen and the dining room.


I hesitate to refer to it as landscaping yet, but the outdoor work proceeds. We needed to get the contours right before the loam and seed comes in, and it’s getting there. Anticipating the interior will be in process for a while, it strategically important to get a patio in to support outdoor living. (The other good news is that we had some sun this morning.)


And, evidently if we want the girls to visit, a fire pit is a priority.


Mother nature has progressed to in the last two weeks as well. The “winter view” is receding into memory as the leaves fill in. Not a priority now, but we’ll likely do some pruning at some point and maybe lobby the neighbors to let us lop off a limb here or there.



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