Rocks and Wires

The foundation looks great after the final skim coat of concrete over the loose brickwork. I was surprised at what a big difference it makes. Really gives the outside a finished look. Far from finished, but we’ll take a small victories.


IMG_2791 copy.JPG

Eighteen inches of gravel all around and some grading to follow should put the water problems to bed. Hoping for loam and seed this week.

Lucky the inside is almost done…not. Still a fair amount of re-framing going on. New ceiling joists in the kitchen to replace power-posted logs. A few more replaced headers like the one over the window. And lots of new wires, none jacketed with tattered cloth. Even some grown-up lights in the ceiling.


So, we might have half-functional kitchen in a few weeks. We also have a bathroom underway. It’s already been equipped with pipes below the floor that don’t have any holes in them. And, it’s just about ready for some wall board. Before you know it, we’ll add fixtures.


The real key will be to have a place to sleep, and the bedroom is coming along. The first paint went on the walls this week. Stay tuned for a picture of the final coat next week. For now enjoy the swatch of Britannia Blue.

By the way, should I be worried that the kitchen appliances include the option of a chef who will come to the house to demonstrate their function?



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