Previously we said that this was not a gut job. That’s debatable at this point.

IMG_0467.JPGThe problem is the wiring. It turns out to be much worse than we thought. We knew we were dealing with old distribution boxes, sporting fuses rather than circuit breakers. And, only 100 Amp service, pretty light for a six bedroom house.

But, it turns out that the wiring is a real disaster. Two different electricians have outright called the wiring unsafe. Much of it is knob and tube and, overall, it’s old and tired, and jury rigged in a number of places.

The easiest way to wire is to pull the all the walls down. Wiring is already challenging with only a tiny Cape Cod cellar and space that can hardly be called a crawl space elsewhere. Pulling the walls down also gives the opportunity to properly insulate everywhere. The contractor suggested that might be the best approach; we might be able to get into the house by September. The problem is we are packing up to move out of current abode on Monday, so that won’t fly.

A few rooms in the new house are down to the studs already and will likely get there with the living room. For the rest of the rooms, the work around is to pull down the bottom foot of plaster to make way for the electrician. And, we will still muddle through a few rooms at a time. The hope is that we’ll have the kitchen, a bedroom and a bath done in a month and will move in. Gypsies until then.

On a positive note, we’ve made some progress on the foundation. There’s a trench all the way around and today masons were there sealing the bricks with cement. They’ll be back to put on a finish coat in a couple days. Then the landscaper with fill the trench with gravel and grade away from that house. That should be enough to keep the house on firm footing for many years.




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