“Not a gut job,” I said. And, the contractor must have thought same, because he ordered just a fifteen-yard dumpster. However, the thirty-yard size was the only one available, so on Wednesday morning, one of those arrived. It’s now full.


The contents are the stuff of the kitchen, pantry, utility room and two baths. And, all the carpeting that I’d torn out. One of the new shed keys had been on a kitchen counter. I’m guessing it’s at the bottom of the dumpster. Don’t worry about it.

IMG_0306 copy.JPG

Wow, does a kitchen look big with no cabinets or appliances.

IMG_0303 copy.JPG

OK, the bad surprise. Under the floor of the bath off the kitchen (above) all the pipes were burst. Got new pipes.

IMG_0349 copy.JPG

The good surprises:

We tore out the maple floor in the kitchen because we didn’t love the look and because it was at an odd height. Underneath was some cool (original) flooring. A little weird because the boards run one way in part of the room and orthogonally in the rest. We are going to go with it.


And, under the linoleum in what we are calling the “cocktail room” was black painted wood, that should come up nicely as well.


The last good surprise was outside. Ospreys in the tops of the hundred-foot pines between us and the harbor.


We’ve been wrestling with some pivotal decisions. For complicated reasons, where we decide to sleep impacts the pantry off the kitchen and the fate of the bathroom in the guest house. There also the matter of whether to keep the back, impossibly narrow stairway which too impacts the kitchen design. Because the kitchen is underway, we really need to wrestle this down. Husband and wife were not aligned; might be now. Husband is in NYC this week. We’ll see.



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