It’s a great place. Wonderful, stone’s throw from the water, middle of the village location. With, we’ll call it, a “seasonal” view. More than an acre with soon to be IMG_0241lovely lawn when seeded after being mostly torn up for the new septic system. Big, lots of rooms, many nooks and several crannies. Old charm. Much history.

Protesteth me too much? No, it’s good. As suggested, however, much to do. For the historical record, below is the summary I wrote up after the home inspection. It includes none of the painting, crack repairing, flooring, kitchen remodeling, etc. that we anticipated from our own observations. This was all new insight based on the inspector’s report:

Foundation– The foundation is in poor condition due to years of water penetration. It will continue to deteriorate unless repaired and sealed, and water removal systems are added (grading, gravel, gutters, French drains).

Roof– Roof is at end of life and likely older than 20 years.

Chimneys– The are all highly dangerous and structurally unstable with some bricks having fallen in already. At minimum they need to be lined and likely need to be rebuilt, at least from the roof up.21402396_2

Siding– On the recommendation of the inspector, a contactor evaluated shingling for repair. There were so many problem areas and previous spot repairs as to require complete replacement.

Roof and Floor Structure– Many floor joists and rafters (in the front attic) are weakened and eaten away by extensive insect damage. Rebuilding would be prohibitively expensive, so repair will be an ongoing problem. Initially these will require a number of spot repairs, sistering the joists and rafters.

North Wall of Living Room– Needs to be rebuilt due to water damage and water ingress needs to be diagnosed and mitigated.

Utility Room Area (off apartment)- Similar to living room wall, there is extensive water damage. This room must be gutted and rebuilt.

Electrical service and wiring– Much of the wiring is unsafe and this renders the house uninsurable at least by some insurers. The old fuse boxes need to be replaced by circuit breakers, and this will require an electrical inspection which would fail unless the knob and tub wiring is replaced.

So that’s all. Then, here we come, former glory.



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